New Q-Posket figures for a Harry Potter themed shelf

I currently plan to redecorate my room with themed shelves and you can bet your sweet cauldron there’ll be a Harry Potter one as well. My little squad is now slowly growing into its planned size! Newt Scamander and Hermione Granger are both Q-posket figures, if you watch my stories on instagram, you witnessed the struggle of finding an original Hermione instead of the fugly rip off! The differences may look subtle at first sight, but the duplicate is poorly put together and has weird droopy eyes, with banks hiding her eyebrows so she looks even more like a dumb-dumb. Meanwhile a lovely Funko-Pop Niffler-keychain has been added to accompany Newt, but he isn’t in the photo yet.

I also wanna get the Q-posket Snape, but he’s still on preorder for this summer’s release. The Funko Pop Rubeus Hagrid I won in a giveaway some years ago, I was pretty baffled when I opened the package, because their pick was at random and they had no clue what a huge HP-stan I was. (Not the printer dude, I already feel you typing that comment) To spice up the set I added some decorations like a tiny lantern, a glass cauldron with a plant growing out and an owl that resembles Hedwig, my mom once gifted to me. (To be honest, it’s a TWICE, she gave me two different kinds of snow-owls, because she forgot about how she already sent me the first one a year ago hahaha)

Above, you see the Hermione rip-off that either looks like an arrogant bitch or someone who pushes when the door says pull. Below is the cute angry Snape.

Q-Posket offers not only various HP characters (like Harry, Malfoy, Ron, etc) but also figures from the Marvel, DC or Disney universe. (Harley Quinn, Joker, Wonderwoman and Boa Hancock look especially adorable.) As you can see in the picture below there are also multiple versions available of one character, material and pose wise. As usual this post is not sponsored in any way, I just really like their brand’s anime-esque aesthetics.

By the way, I strongly recommend to check out the dutch translation of common Harry Potter names and terms, I had a good laugh reading about Cedric Diggory as Carlo Kannewasser, Hermione Granger as Hermelien Griffel or house Slitherin as Zwadderich xD. It’s so desastrous that it’s awesome again.

Photos: Title – My instagram
Productpictures: Banpresto / Q-Posket Japan

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