The responsible nomad’s reusable cotton pads

Can you say that title three times fast? On my ongoing quest to replace everyday items with sustainable alternatives, I came across organic, reusable pads a few years ago. To provide a qualified perspective, I wanted to thouroughly test them, before writing anything and as they turned out fine, so the tale goes:

To clarify, the product in this article is meant to propose a general example and not intended to be about the brand itself. Usually, the pads one can purchase at the drugstore are onetime-use only disposables, consisting of thin cotton layers wrapped in plastic. Dissatisfied about neither being eco-friendly or ressourceful for longterm use, my concern regarding the ever so often cases, in which residues of carcinogenic properties (like glyphosate) were found in them, initiated a search for new options as well.

These cotton pads consist of 100% organic cotton, bamboo fibre for the white ones (gentle cleaning) and bamboo carchoal for the blacks (deep cleaning). Most of the available reuse-pads are between 8.5 and 10cm in diameters, which makes them a bit bigger than the usual disposables and comfortable to handle. Customarily, the overall packagings they come in intially are completely free of plastics and 100% sustainable as well.

Their thickness and quality offered me impressive longevity and remained very soft and pleasant to the touch. I had no problems in removing even the most stubborn smudges, no matter if they originated from waterproof, vegan, artificial or intense costume make up. After you put a squirt of make up remover onto one, you wipe away the residues and put the used pad aside. They are just as great serving as face wipes and hold enough water to clean, without spilling.

The set of 22 comes with a practical net, which offers storage, makes them easy to transport and holds them together, when you throw the bag into the next wash. Just add a few drops of remover priorly and violá, they are as good as new. No more throwing away, no more waste of material for something that is intended to be used regularly.

I particularly liked how easily you can take them wherever you go, without ever worrying to run out of, lose or be stingy with them, for your own planning or for sharing them shortage-free with others thanks to their reusability. With prices between 10-16€, they are also easy on the wallet, especially for the duration in which one would otherwise have bought countless throw-aways. So, if you need a handy companion that wipes away your mascara smudged tears about climate change, this is an idea.

Photo: Chery

⚔️ Considering the 3 rules of double edged swords
Sometimes: 1. the purchase of a sustainable item results in the financial support of a company otherwise known to count on damaging practices to the environment, requiring assessment of the longterm benefit-to-disadvantage ratio of your action or eventual switch of brands for the same itemtype. 2. it is more ecological to support your local, private market to avoid complex transport chains and commercially regulated industry, with the purchase location and the production location ideally being close or the same. 3. it’s just not possible to obtain certain products regionally, but advised to research them proirly as the preferable option to first impression availability online.

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