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Hey friends, I hope y’all doing well! Even though we’re locked up in homeoffice, the mind still likes to wander the world, and what travelpaths would be more suited now than the digital ones? With the reality being that I see my four walls most of the day, every day now, I especially enjoy to let my eyes venture out into the vast and versatile realms of fantasy artists, saving my sanity with their endless space of creative playgrounds and stories. So, loyally returning to my dear online collections, I decided to dedicate the new face of the blog to one of my favorite contemporary art styles – RPG Pixelart.

Give me a lime beer, some snacks and a hot water bottle, and I could snuggle up in bed with my netbook all day pampering my eyes with the finest new works of these squareshaped masterpieces. Having been delighted by their unique, technical charme for years, I tried it for the first time myself last weekend and the results can now be seen adorning the page. It was SO much fun trying everything out, how to properly shade, what linestrength to pick and how fast it could turn from crappy to cool and vice versa by only a few dots! Lots of love and respect to all the devoted artists building entire sceneries, characters or even games with that technique! You’re a great inspiration for what is possible. Anyways, without further ado, here’s a little closeup to my new visual additions:

The header, probably the most prominently visible and laborious artwork. I spent most of the time in the details and making the overall composition work together, especially when it came to the respective sizings in relation to each other. The soft glim on the dragon, petals and moon were a lastminute experiment, but I don’t regret it so far, haha. The first version I had uploaded for several months was actually just the pinetrees and the moon (+ title), but somehow it never felt completed to me, and though I was at first afraid to go a bit overboard with all the visuals, it does feel whole to me now. As usual, everything you see has a very special meaning to me personally.

The white Ryū from the header. I didn’t upload his other parts (torso and tail) because who really wants to see that, it’s just awkward. Imagine, here is my majestic face … and a random photo of my back. And one with just my ass. No! A portrait is more than enough.

The cherry blossom tree, as well from the header. I liked the contrast of the soft pink in front of the dark nightsky. The background of the header is actually transparent, to smoothly fit in with the pages starry backdrop.

The sakura blossom from the sidebar is the new decor for the “About” section. Yeees, the nickname everybody and their mothers have been calling me is literally “Chery”, I know, but lo and behold, it has more meanings to me than that.

The Koi from the sidebar as the “Story” tag, well, who doesn’t know the popular japanese carps in all their colorful glory? Koi Fish symbolize luck, good fortune and are associated with perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose. Something we could all need a piece of in 2020.

The dragon from the sidebar guarding the “Connect” part. Dragons and me, that’s a never ending lovestory anyways. All the marvellous stories and tenets, my life long connection to the symbol dragon and their meaning for historical and modern literature and media… Patience, Wisdom, Beauty, Strength, Endurance, Fierceness, Truthfulness… Dude, if I could put a ring on a scaly claw, I would. Wh-Who did you call crazy?

The Lantern from the sidebar illuminating the way, if you look for something. They are framing the searchbar and the tiny sign on them reads 花, blossom.

And last but not least…well, in a sense it is though I guess, the rural town in pretty evening lights. It’s a little bit hidden on the page, so I won’t tell you were it is right away. Come on, five seconds of seek play is more fun than zero! The major even decided to leave you a nice message visible enough on sunset, so it’s worth it.

That’s it for now, I hope you enjoyed them! If you happen to feel hooked on Pixelart after this, feel free to try it yourself with the Pixileditor for a start, or peek the amazing trailer of The Last Night behind the title picture. For even more RPG looking goodness you can check out my ever growing Pinterest collection .

Credit title: The Last Night
Credit pixelart: Chery

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