Visitor Zero – A science fiction filmproduction

Hey guys, as many of you know I am currently busy producing my masters project, a shortfilm and thesis combo I need for graduating, and the main reason I am barely able to keep up with my social media or hobbies at all over the past few months. (How my fierce eyeshadows of doom may subtly indicate in the picture above lol) As soon as I find the time, I will upload some documentary steps along the way of creating this science fiction movie, like writing the screenplay, organizing, producing, casting, funding, building sets, making costumes, crafting props, filming, lighting, directing, postproduction and publishing. We finished shooting in march this year and are now working in postproduction, with VFX artists, 3D modellers, sounddesigners, music composers and editor (me) contributing to get it done. There are regularly obsticals coming up or time falling short, but we are constantly pushing forward to be able to release the film around autumn with a big cinema premiere.

Holy mother of cheesyness McUltron. After drinking some Klingons under the table this was one of the few shots left suitable enough for public, but I swear we are decent people in real life. Maybe. Probably not. Well, here you have my amazing antagonist and protagonist roles “Válgator Nó” acted by David Rothmaier and “Constance Judd” by Gesa Penthin. And a director with ridiculous eyebrow action. For more photos or updates in the meantime, feel free to visit my Instagram via the social icon in the sidebar. Full docu parts for crew and set are following in the future here.

Photos: My instagram

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