Work within pandemic impact – Interview with Tillmann Zock

Since spring 2020, lockdowns and pandemic restrictions held the ability to alternate the ways, in which many creative branches work, entirely. Tillmann Zock is a dedicated guitar-teacher and youtuber from Berlin. There, he studied music production, as well as sound/vision in Hamburg. As a lively musician and teacher by passion, he supports his avid students inter alia on „GitarrenTunes“, the second largest german guitar-learning channel on Youtube. Being a versatile creator and dear friend of mine, I inquired his point of view regarding pandemic impact to his profession:

How did restrictions of the pandemic influence your work and did they better or worsen aspects of it? If yes, how so?

Because online business was and is increasing since the beginning of the pandemic, I got more deals for promoting products or product placement on my channel. My subscribers and views also increased, especially during the lockdowns.

What would you describe as a part of your work that the pandemic unexpectedly accentuated, that wasn‘t that obvious to you proirly?

A big part of my work is not only to educate and entertain people, but also help them with their problems. Problems regarding their musical progress is often strongly connected to their personal development, mental state and other reasons, that might not have a relationship at first sight. Since the emotional and mental state of many people got worse during the winterlockdown, I focused more on producing videos that might help people overcome their self-doubts and other issues, like a bad relationship with their self-expectation or error culture in general.

Were you able to find inspiration through the altered lifestyle within the pandemic, or did it propose a much bigger hindrence to creativity?

The lack of social interaction was a problem at first, especially because I gain a lot of inspiration from interaction with other people. But I got some workarounds, like calling people more often on the phone or via zoom, to compensate that issue.

Thank you for your insights!

If you want to check out Tillmann’s work and feel motivated and reassured for your upcoming guitary endeavours, be invited to visit the Youtube Channel. For multiple of my friends, picking up an instrument in lockdown proposed a great way to find regular exercise and entertainment, which expresses itself just as beautifully within the own four walls, as it does back with people on a nice BBQ afternoon.

Photo: GitarrenTunes

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  • Geralt L.

    26. July 2021

    Nice interview! His shift to supportive content, regarding rather personal issues still connected to this work, is a great idea and surely much appreciated.

    • Chery

      27. July 2021

      Thank you and I like to think so too 🙂


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