Society’s repetitive neglect towards mental health related concerns, environmental issues and progressive research implementation are only a few examples of painting a somewhat disheartening condition among our everyday lifes. Fortunately, maintaining the conversation aloud and public is sometimes half the battle, as one individual‘s step might not level the stage, many combined can achieve to ground a path. Applying said movement onto a bigger scale, changes yet unseen grow possible to unfold in which we become the action we’ve been waiting for.

You don’t have
to suffer in silence.

As a matter that greatly affected me and many people I deeply care about, raising mental health awareness sheds a still outrageously understated light onto thousands of victims and survivors to burden, illness and traumata of existential importance, that society is often so eager to dismiss, invalidate or stigmatize. A genuine word, breaking the silence and ensuring access to the safety, humanity and support the people utterly need and deserve, can make all the difference. Even within healthy stability, general practices of selfcare and -compassion are not to be underestimated and still far from being integrated commonly. If you want to aquire more information, check out the selection below. Please be advised that the contents of following links do not substitute real therapy with a trained professional.

Literature: “The Body Keeps the Score:
Mind, Brain and Body in the Transformation
of Trauma”, Bessel van der Kolk, 2015

Understand it,
change it, live it.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is boundless love and gratitude to bear towards the animals, plants and eco systems making this ridiculously beautiful planet the home some poor alien bastard out there can only dream of. Every one of us can be considered a time limited guest, that won its ticket against a million others to one of the most complex, unique and multifaceted residences in the galaxy. Let’s act accordingly. A sustainable form of adaption lives from understanding, intention and activism, so underneath you’ll find some places to start. Nobody expects you to excell at this, especially not at everything all the time, but I think we, at least, owe something. Babystep by babystep, your efforts will go a long way for all of us.

Thriving between
(F)Arts & Smarts?

As nerd likes to spread the word, the daring ability of opening up in our judgemental day and age, trying to show up as our true selfs and let others feel seen and heard in the same way, is one of the greatest gifts we can provide each other. This fun and giving community has often times served me a great deal of acceptence, laughter and exciting experiences, as a place to meet new people from all over the world, explore the realms of fantastic stories and feel energized for any creative endeavor. Should you by any chance fancy a look around inspiring fandoms or just care to get your con on, feel free to loot some ideas from below.

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Example community recommendations:
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The fact that you took some attention and time just to browse through these already means a lot and I hope you find encouragement to look into the matters at stake. When it comes to personal advocacy, I reject the notion of holding people to an unrealistic standard of perfection – the golden recipe for nonstop criticism and set up to inevitable failure – but a standard of growth, measured by transformation instead of infallibility. Regardless where one starts or how tiny the difference, if one is better tomorrow than one was yesterday, we all win. Thank you so much for the read and have a nice day.